Food means so much to us all! It’s not just a matter of getting nutrients. Meeting friends for a meal is the perfect excuse to remember old times. Special meals are planned to celebrate birthdays, weddings, and anniversaries, and to bring us together during sad times as well, such as funerals and memorials. There’s food for when we need comfort – who doesn’t love some ice cream or chocolate cookies after a hard day? There’s even food for when we’re just bored – even I will admit to devouring half a bag of chips while passing the time on a slow Sunday afternoon.

My name is Mack Prioleau, and as you can tell, I love food! But special food shouldn’t just be for special occasions. Everyday, there should be something special about the food you enjoy.

I am a grandpa who recently retired, which means I not only have more time to spend with my grandkids, but I have more time to enjoy food and my passion for cooking.

I am enjoying all aspects of food: going to local markets and getting the freshest ingredients; trying every restaurant I can (both 5-star and those little hole-in-the-wall places); and, of course, making a homemade meal with the help of my grandkids.

However, I have decided that just cooking and eating isn’t enough to satisfy my love of food – I want to write about it, too! I want to encourage everyone out there to develop their own love of food. With only a few basic tips, you too can learn how to cook a fantastic meal, and you can learn to love cooking. It is a fantastic, relaxing hobby that has many, many benefits. I can’t wait to share my love of food!